If you have not heard of Howie Schwartz, all I can say that you are missing out on the big thing in the Internet Marketing world. I have attended Howie Schwartz course recently and he just lets out some secrets that I think you should take special note of.

But before that, I will like to let you know that he is opening up a new course called IM Remarkable and I think you should take notice of! Alright, let us take a look at what Howie proposes.

Firstly, we should find a “conversation” or a specific niche market that is active and that people care about. In essence, what are the buying keywords or money keywords that people will search for to buy products? We have to be narrow in our focus to find a specific conversation that we can dominate. All of the money is in the long tail keyword phrases. There is a need to find those “buying” keyword phrases in order to find the potential buyers. The more specific we are, the more likely we will be able to catch people who are ready to buy our products.

Secondly, we need to find the “celebrity” in each niche (the person who is screaming loudest as a blogger typically). We should find the community that revolves around that person and start to participate in the community. We have to interject ourselves and our brand (and our offers) into that conversation. This need not have to be you personally but can be a pen name that you use in the Internet Marketing world. Go from communicating, commenting and participating to completely destroying everyone where the only way, the only person and the only thing anyone can find when they search for that particular keyword or product is YOU. This is not only business; it is war.

Again, it is all about finding your buying keywords. These are the keyword conversations that are worth dominating. Go where the market is and listen. Look at active blogs (use Technorati). See who the “celebrity” bloggers are. Look at their conversations. Subscribe to their RSS feeds to learn and track what they are talking about. They are either talking about the news or making it. Pay attention to Google News through Google Alerts. Be specific in your topic and again, look for what people are talking about. You want those topics that have good reviews and bad which means that people are “passionate” on the topic. Otherwise, you are invisible.

In his new course called IM Remarkable or simply Internet Marketing Remarkable, he proposes a novel conceptual model that will help people to get “UNSTUCK” in their quest of making money consistently online. A personal assessment is done and Howie Schwartz will then tailor-made the strategies that the person needs to succeed online. It is all about unraveling our very own secrets so that we can use these secrets to make it big online.

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