Before the contagion came onto the scene, it wouldn’t be right to say that, as a whole, there was harmony on earth. There were numerous things that a number of people were fighting over.

For example, there was the battle between some men and women and between those who belong to one religion and another. However, fairly recently, a new battle has arisen between some of those who are vaccinated and some of those who are not.

Nothing New

This is not to say that every other battle has come to an end, though; no, it just means that, at times, this one has overshadowed and is overshadowing just about all of the others. One way to look at all this would be to say that this is nothing new as human beings have always fought each other.

Unlike many other animals, apart from rats, for instance, who can be very brutal to each other, they often find it hard to hard to live in harmony with each other. So, while a large part of humanity is more ‘civilised’ than it was in the past, remnants of the past still remain.

Modern-day Warfare

In the past, weapons were largely used when it came to an army or tribe that tried to defeat another and this approach is still utilised. Nowadays, there is, of course, weaponry around that would have seemed like magic to those who were fighting in battles less than a hundred years ago, let alone hundreds of years ago.

In ‘civilised’ societies, people still fight for their survival and resources but, this is something that largely takes place through the use of language and governmental laws. One group of people is then not going to use any guns or swords, yet they will try to defeat their ‘adversary’ in another way.

Centre Stage

When it comes to the battle between some of those who are vaccinated and some of those who are not, it is a battle that also involves the state. Those who are vaccinated and want everyone else to have this organisation behind them.

When someone is in this position, they are likely to believe that this is the only way for them to be protected and to be safe and for everything to return to ‘normal’. Due to this, they are going to believe that they are doing the right thing and those who don’t want the vaccine are doing the wrong thing.

A Natural Outcome

But, if the vaccines that they have had, along with those that they are yet to have are there to protect them and keep them safe and all of the experts appear to be in favour of them, why would they be any other way? Furthermore, the mainstream media will validate their outlook, providing them with even more belief in their view.

There can then be all of the people in their life who also have the same view and are probably plugged into the same news source. Therefore, there will be no reason for them to see things differently.


In their eyes, those who won’t have them can be seen as being selfish and completely stupid. To them, this vaccine will be no different to any other inasmuch as it was created to protect someone.

They could describe someone like this as an ‘anti-vaxxer’, who is too caught up in a conspiracy theory to be able to think clearly and face reality. For not doing the ‘right’ thing and thinking about the ‘greater good’, they could believe that people like this should be punished and forced to have the vaccine.

Extreme Conflict

Naturally, if someone is not interested in having the vaccine and they are treated like this, it is going to lead to disharmony. To go even further, it will lead to a very segregated society.

Instead of someone who is vaccinated being able to put this difference aside when it comes to someone who isn’t and realising that they have so many things in common, they will see them as a social leper. They will be less-than-human and, as a result of this, will need to be dealt with.

One Dimensional

Nonetheless, if someone isn’t interested in having these vaccines, they might be only too happy to have other vaccines, and thus, are not an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Consequently, they could believe that this is a term that was created to silence dissent.

This then makes it appear as though the vaccine is purely ‘good’ and questioning it is purely ‘bad’, which can cause someone to unconsciously, if not consciously, fear being disapproved of and even ostracised for questioning the narrative. Ergo, a blend of the need to belong, trust in the experts and the fear that the mainstream media has programmed into them will play a big part in how they behave.

The Other Side

Being able to tolerate ambiguity is not easy and this is something that the government and mainstream media play on. This is why someone like this is an ‘anti-vaxxer’ as opposed to someone who has legitimate concerns, concerns that should be looked into.

If this approach was taken, there would be less need to demonise those who are not willing to have these vaccines injected into their body. Someone like this can be waiting for both the medium and long term data before deciding if this is the right option for them to take.

Plenty of questions

Lastly, they could wonder why it matters if they are vaccinated or not if the vaccine actually works. They could also wonder why the system doesn’t encourage people to boost their immunity naturally.

Stress is said to lower the immune system and if someone spends a lot of time consuming the mainstream media, a source that primarily focuses on doom and gloom, this is not going to do them any good. One will then be ‘boosting’ their immunity by having the vaccines and undermining it by being plugged into a source of information that is designed to keep them in a state of fear, not inform them and perhaps they are eating food that doesn’t serve them.

Final Thoughts

Is there a chance that the system is using the virus to both divide and distract people from other things? Is what is going on simply a means to an end, with what is going on laying the foundations for something else entirely?

Or, is this merely something that would be on the mind of a conspiracy theorist. With that aside, there is also what is going on for so many of the citizenry and what it is within them that makes it possible for the government to divide them.

Is the division that exists externally a reflection of the division that exists internally? By unconsciously creating division externally and having an enemy, is someone able to avoid the disharmony that exists inside them?

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