The Roe v Wade decision of the US Supreme Court on January 22, 1973 is often seen as the first and the worst in a series of America’s bad decision making. Some believe it has a life all of its own now throughout the rest of the globe. In a country where the latest news about Paris Hilton far outweighs the question of declining morality it hardly matters what is influencing the EU or the rest of the world to most Americans.

Whether anyone believes Roe v Wade set the precedent for the rest of the world or not it is now becoming the standard for fully developed nations, or is it?

Poland is appealing a recent EU ruling on abortion that was handed down by the European Court of Human Rights that requires it to pay $52,000 in damages for a citizen who has been denied the right to abort her unborn child.

Poland is the birth place of former Pope John Paul who was beloved among the Poles and surely set many of the moral parameters for that nation. Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said he would appeal the decision of the court based simply on the idea that it would not be good for the country.

Yet more recently in June of 2007 the EU began threatening to cut funding to Nicaragua because of its recent decision to completely ban all abortions. Bert Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Netherlands says he wants both the United Nations and the European Union to crack down on pro life countries. Koenders wants the EU to put “women’s rights on a higher agenda.”

To Bible believing Christians including Catholics the world over this is seen as a very clear agenda but not one that could be termed “high.” In fact except in cases where a women’s life or health are at risk this is seen as the very lowest of all causes to the Christian.

The argument from most of Christendom is based not on denying a woman her rights but in completely ignoring the rights of the unborn who have no voice or recourse by which to defend their own right to life. The unborn may not be able to provide testimony at hearings, carry placards or sit on the steps of a court house but many believers figuratively hear their voices crying out continuously with a haunting refrain of “we want to live.”

Mankind is thought to be the most physically and morally advanced species on the planet and thus we would assume the most sensitive to the life of its own kind. The death of unborn children it seems can go unfelt if the abortion proceedings are done in a remote and clinically sterile area. This is proving to be a complete unreality. The trauma suffered by women who have undergone abortions is now a matter of public record and the reports are dismal.

In natures realm animals and birds will protect and defend their young even if it means their own death. They have no knowledge of how they are going to feed or care for their young, they rely only on instinct. That is the key word “instinct.” It seems that instinct is what is now missing in a post modern world, not ways and means. In fact in developed countries that have welfare and other provisions for unwed mothers the question of a child’s survival is almost moot. It is only a matter of well the child may fare as compared to others in the same society.

Anyone who has taken horticulture or a basic botany course would be familiar with the “brine shrimp” experiment. Scientist discovered that plants in the same room with a tank of brine shrimp had a severe reaction when all of the shrimp were suddenly killed with an electric current. Supposing that it may have been altered by the reactions of humans in the same room, the experiment was conducted under more controlled conditions.

The current was set to go through the tank of shrimp randomly and remotely and electrodes were placed on the plants to record the time when or if they reacted to the death of the shrimp. In every case the plants exuded a thin layer of chemicals on their foliage at exactly the same moment the shrimp were killed.

It must be noted that these were only plants and also the reaction was inter species in nature. Does this mean plants are more sensitive to the life of other creatures than humans? The answer is ours to make.

In both the EU and the United States attention is being drawn to the ravages of disease and poverty in African countries especially Darfur. No one can make light of the horrors that are transpiring in these countries but it would seem that they are being used to draw attention away from other horrors that post modern morality refuses to address.

Every few seconds in Africa a person dies (often children) from aids, hunger or warfare. Every few seconds in fully developed countries an unborn child dies at the hands of an abortionist. Is one scourge any worse than the other? That answer is also ours to make.

The best solutions ever accomplished by mankind have come not by pulling the trigger, but by pulling the plug. As our world spirals toward Armageddon it is not likely we will universally pull the plug on abortion but the decision is still open to one individual at a time and it always will be. To wit; “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: Dt. 30:19”

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