For most people arriving at the airport in Geneva, airport transfers are a fast and efficient way of leaving behind the rather sterile and boring environment of a modern airport and getting somewhere a little more interesting.

Once you get off the plane in Geneva, airport transfers may be able to take you smoothly and efficiently to the centre of town or to some of the surrounding beautiful areas.

Why consider Geneva for a holiday or short break?

In wintertime, the answer may appear to be self-evident. The city is the entry point for many famous Alpine skiing and winter sport resorts. Transfers to many of the world’s great ski runs commence from the city but, convenient as this is, it may lead to some people regarding the city as simply a terminus and transfer point for folk on their way to the mountains.

That is a pity because the city and its surroundings have a lot to offer in their own right. People often think of Geneva as a city that sprung up from nowhere in the 19th and 20th centuries, at which time it became famous for things such as its role in international peacekeeping, the league of nations and a number of subsequent United Nations organisations.

In fact, its history goes back considerably further and certainly at least as far back as the Romans. What this means is that there are a large number of sights that are worth seeing from the distant ages past.

The Old Town

You could, for example, start by strolling around the old town. This is a wonderful area of old buildings, cobbled streets, cafes and bars. One site well worth checking out is the Treille Promenade, originally an artillery post but today allowing superb views over the city from the ramparts.

The Lake

Then, there is the famous lake. Walking around this magnificent sight and watching the world-famous jet d’eau, which shoots a fountain of water around 140m into the air on a regular basis, is a fantastic experience. While you are strolling around, you might wish to take in the beautiful English garden and its well-known flower clock.

The Mountains

Of course, even when routinely arriving in Geneva, airport transfers into the city will give you some sight of the mountains. If that whets your appetite, Mount Saleve is only approximately 5 kms from the centre. It is possible to take a cable car to the top, where you will be greeted with stunning views over the town while you sit and enjoy a pleasant coffee or hot chocolate. Mount Saleve is actually in France, and it is a little known fact that about one-third of Geneva’s population lives in parts of the city that technically sit in French, as opposed to Swiss, territory.

Historically, there has not always been the happiest of relationships with its Burgundian and latterly French neighbours, and Geneva was actually annexed by France during the French revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. Fortunately, today things are rather more peaceful and the French tradition has left its mark in some superb Alpine cuisine available from some truly great restaurants.

So, the next time you arrive in Geneva, airport transfers could get you speedily to the centre and some of the above great sights and experiences. Try not to think of the city as simply a place you pass through!

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