Each year groups of concerned stakeholders and citizens of the world get together to collect data. Many of them have an agenda, but all of them care about their cause; that is to say the cause and future of humanity. Perhaps, you have heard of such projects at the United Nations, Pew Research Institute or various environmental groups.

Lately, we see many of those who are quite concerned about Global Warming are busy gathering data for such books. Now then in case you have never heard of this, well let me recommend a book that you can look up to learn all about it. The book is called;

“The State of the World Atlas” by Michael Kidron and Ronald Segal (a Pluto Press Project). 1981.

Now realize, that much of these charts, graphs and maps are somewhat driven by the need of the authors and those involved with the project to make a statement. The data can later be interpreted as to cause, but the concept is to have the data show results and then back track to the causes and effects of what has transpired.

We have all heard that 1% of the populations controls most all of the wealth, and no one is too surprised about those findings. We also know that the US produces most of the World’s energy and up until now has thus, produced quite a bit of its air pollution. In this book each region of the world and country is sized based on such resources and uses.

Thus when it comes to population density, China and India are largest and when it comes to wealth, the US dwarfs all the others, so you get the idea. And the book is very interesting to peruse and think on, in fact, I have a copy in my library, you need one too.

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