The Nano O2 air purifier is an interesting product and is a welcome addition to the air purification market. In this article we will attempt to reveal the features of the Nano O2 air purifier, the Science behind the technology, and the benefits of using the Nano O2 air purifier as well as provide an honest review on whether or not the Nano O2 air purifier is worth your investment.

Certified made in the USA?

I would like to first begin by saying that the company is very proud of the fact that the Nano O2 air purifier is Certified Made in the USA. What exactly does certified made in the USA mean? Well it means that all parts & labor are all American made. The housing of the Nano O2 air purifier is constructed using USA Grade 60/61 Aerospace Aluminum and is available in either Black or a Brushed Aluminum and depending on which air purifier you’re interested in, the weight ranges from 6.2 to 6.6 lbs, all this in a handy 4″ X 4″ X 15.25″ package. The Nano O2 air purifier has two settings to choose from, the Turbo Clean setting for high contamination and a Quiet Clean setting for maintenance cleaning after your initial purifying period. I don’t know about you but I was pretty impressed with the that fact that the Nano O2 air purifier uses about as much power as a 50 watt light bulb, purifying the air you breathe for less than pennies a day.

PCO…? and what is a NANOcell?

I really hate to bore you with the techno stuff but I felt it very important to mention in this review, as this is the technology which separates the NANO O2 air purifier from the rest of the pact. The Nano O2 air purifier utilizes a technology called PCO which is powered by a NANOcell. “What is PCO and what is a NANOcell?” you ask, well PCO is an abbreviation for Photo-catalytic Oxidation, which is the process the Nano O2 air purifier uses to clean the air you’re breathing and the NANOcell is the part in the machine which your oxygen molecules pass through and convert into negatively charged ions. So what does all this techno babble mean, you ask? Well once the oxygen molecules pass through the NANOcell their converted into negatively charged ions which then act as an attractant to dust, pollen and other particles in the air you’re breathing. Once these negatively charged ions come in contact with these particles they are instantly ionized. This, in effect reduces the contaminants in the air you’re breathing by up to 98%, all without the need of an air filter! So no more expensive filters to replace or clean means more money in your pocket and or less of your time wasted cleaning those dirty filters. The use of PCO technology in the Nano O2 air purifier also cuts down the amount of time spent actually cleaning the air purifier. The company suggests you clean the machine once a year and that cleaning the air purifier shouldn’t take any more than 15 to 20 minutes. This PCO technology is pretty impressive, as well as pretty effective, as PCO was the technology used to combat the SARS virus in China a few years ago.

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching

While you may not have the SARS virus infiltrating your home, I know that the cold and flu season is quickly approaching. As the defensive barrier between you and those nasty pollutants and viruses, the company proudly boasts that by introducing the Nano O2 air purifier into your home, the air purifier could be working for you this cold and flu season as it purifies the air you’re breathing by cleaning up the mold, bacteria, yeasts, fungus as well as the spread of viruses in your air indoors up to an astounding 98% Test results obtained through research has also shown a substantial reduction of bacteria on household surfaces after using the Nano O2 air purifier.

What about a Guarantee

That’s all fine but what about a guarantee you ask? Well as a consumer, I usually like some sort of guarantee. When a company offers a guarantee it tells me that they truly believe in the product their selling and stand behind it. Well the company has most certainly covered their bases when it comes to the Nano O2 air purifier. The company has a lifetime guarantee on the housing of the air purifier, 1-year parts & labour and the company actually pays the return shipping. I was most impressed with the guarantee on the NANOcell. They are offing a 3-year or we replace it free guarantee. I actually spoke with a company representative who stated that if the NANOcell was to burn out anytime within that three year timeframe even if it’s on the last day in that three year period they would honour the replacement.

In this article I have described the many features and benefits of the Nano O2 air purifier as well as educated you about the science behind the air purifier. In my opinion every home and office should have at least one Nano O2 air purifier quietly operating in the background assuring that you’re breathing in the cleanest air. While the air purifier may be a bit on the pricey side when you factor in the cost of replacement filters I truly believe the Nano O2 air purifier is well worth your investment.

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