The catastrophe in the Gaza Strip must end. How many children must be injured or killed before the world wakes up to what Netanyahu is about? Tethering on the edge of political defeat and being wiped out of office he is using this as a stunt for his own political advantage.

Starting a war is his way of staying in power because nations rarely change leaders when they are at war. He is a killer and a fraud, and the death toll of innocent people he is bringing about is no different to that of Hitler and his regime.

He has long deprived the people of Gaza with water and other essentials and has authorised the stealing of their land, such as on the west bank. Now he is destroying the infrastructure and buildings and bringing the city of Gaza to a standstill and ruin.

The world must wake up to the tyranny that is perpetuated by this bully and dictator. Whether the Muslim population of Gaza can survive his onslaught is up to the rest of the world, which right now is allowing this to happen. Where is the United Nations and other peace keeping forces?

His actions do not win sympathy from people outraged by the slaughter. We must stand up against his type whenever and wherever they elevate themselves into office. With his job on the line surely the people of Israel must see through what he is about and bring him down once and for all. Such a beast does not deserve to hold any office when abuse of power results in so many lives lost, children traumatised for life, and survivors struggling to live.

He is not only committing war crimes but crimes against humanity. He is hindering the freedom and security of a country that deserves better. Their welfare and future is worth more than his job.

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