On Friday February 23, 2007, a

70-year-old man exemplified the motto of the

Marine Corp League, “Once a Marine, Always a

Marine.” When three thugs boarded a tourist bus

in the Costa Rican city of Limon armed with a gun

and knives they must have thought the twelve

senior citizens onboard were easy prey. They were

dead wrong. And I mean D-E-A-D.

After witnessing a 20 year old terrorist put a

gun to a female passenger’s head, Allen Clady, a

former Marine made his move. The senior citizen

grabbed a hold of the thug and strangled the much

younger thug with such force that he broke his

collarbone and killed the man. This prompted the

other senior citizens on the bus to begin

fighting back and the other two assailants run

off the bus.

So, how could a 70-year-old man could take on,

and kill, a much younger armed opponent? The

answer lies in his old-school Marine Corp


The Marines recently introduced a new system for

close quarters combat called the Marine Corps

Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). This new sissy

system is supposedly for peacekeeping operations

in urban areas and theoretically allows for a

wide variety of situations where a Marine needs

to use non-lethal force.

Prior to the development of this new crap that

will undoubtedly get more than one leather neck

sent home in a body bag, the Marines used more

lethal techniques originally developed by Major

Anthony Biddle.

His techniques standardized close combat

techniques for the Marines and were based on

boxing, wrestling and fencing. In addition,

Captains W.M. Greene and Samuel B. Griffith

shared what they learned about martial arts from

William Fairbairn while stationed in China.

Being a former Marine, Allen Clady learned the

Corp’s old (and real) style of close combat that

emphasizes taking down an opponent hard, fast,

and permanently. It is most likely that Clady

over took the thug from behind with a “Japanese

strangle”. The forefather of the sporting “rear

naked choke” as seen in MMA competition today,

this simplistic and deadly old-school strangle

was very popular among military trained martial

artists and pre-WWII Judo and Jujutsu


In seconds of his arms locking around the thug’s

esophagus and throat, the would be terrorist

began to choke on his own spit and drop

unconscious. This technique is even more

devastating if the person employing the technique

is taller then their opponent, because it takes

little effort to take someone off their feet,

thus making the strangle work that much quicker.

Another good reason to strangle the thug from the

rear like this was because the punk was armed.

While the thug did fire two shots off into the

air before the gun jammed, the moment Clady had

his hands on the thug’s throat he immediately had

control of the situation. When the bus driver

drove to a local Red Cross clinic, the gun

wielding maniac was declared dead. Thanks to

Clady’s swift action, only the gunman was injured

and the tour group returned to their cruise ship

and safety.

When asked if anyone on the bus would be charged

with a crime. Local Police Chief Luis Hernandez

said, “They were in their right to defend

themselves.” It is clear that the chief

understand that the police cannot be everywhere,

and that stopping a criminal is not a crime.

It takes an example like Allen Clady to remind

everyone that with the right training anyone can

fight back. What happened on that tour bus was

clearly a life and death situation and Allen

Clady chose life. Those animals did not care who

they had to hurt to get what they wanted and Mr.

Clady attacked to prevent people from being hurt.

This just goes to show you that swift decisive

action combined with good solid training can save

the day…regardless of age or physical fitness.

While Allen Clady has not spoken publicly about

this incident at the time of this article I can

almost guarantee that he was not trying to be a

“hero”. He was simply protecting people who

needed help, and is a credit to both his

generation and to the Marine Corp. Too many

people willingly would have become victims, but

he stood up and went into battle mode. He was not

acting like hero he was acting like a man.

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