The Internet has changed the way we live. Ever since the introduction to public realm, millions of people are now performing online jobs that did not exist a few decades ago. Not only has the way we live, been altered drastically, but the way that we work has also been transformed, and the transformation appears to have just begun.

Because of the easier access and faster connectivity, we now do everything differently. We entertain ourselves, we shop, we socialize, we get news, we get advice, all via the Internet, and with more activities being performed online, it means there is an increased requirement for the people and processes to complete online jobs.

Because of the lower operating costs, many of the larger corporations in almost every industry are moving more of their operations online. The effect has been dramatic in several industries, as jobs and functions have been eliminated, but at the same time, the transformation has resulted in the creation of new jobs.

Perhaps the main reason for all of this transformation is efficiency in the flow of information, and the categories and number of online jobs is quickly expanding into other unforeseen areas. The Internet enables businesses to replace physical parts of the infrastructure with virtual infrastructure that is composed of nothing but ones and zeros. Entities like Google News employs no reporters, but it borrows them, no paper is used, no physical transportation of material is needed, instead, the transfer is handled with TCP/IP.

Not only are the industries that are involved in information transfer being affected, but the world of retailing shopping is also going to be drastically affected. The virtual infrastructure required for information transfer will need maintenance, support and frequent upgrades, and it can become susceptible to breakdowns or damages when it comes under heavy use.

One of the areas that show the effects of the wholesale change, is the advertising industry. Advertising, can be seen as nothing more than getting information to consumers and changing their behaviour in the process, and by using the Internet, the process can be performed at a much lower cost.

One thing that is undeniable, is that there are much lower overhead costs, and it may time some before an increase in profitability is noticed, once the infrastructure is in place. It may also depend on the industry, and the costs involved in supporting the virtual infrastructure.

Not only can businesses benefit from moving operations online, but online jobs are also convenient for workers, who are now able to perform tasks from any location as long as Internet access is available. The convenience is great benefits to those who wish to provide services independently, or on a contractual basis.

Any service that depends primarily on the transfer of information can be performed online, and if you have expert knowledge in any particular area, you can offer your services as an independent consultant. Many businesses can be convinced of the value of having a service performed by an expert at much lower costs.

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