It is amazing how many people get into the E-commerce business, as they set up a website and try to sell something on the Internet perhaps in a very small niche. More amazing is all the hard sell tactics that everyone is using.

Many newbie website entrepreneurs set up squeeze pages, where the Internet surfer comes in and they cannot get into the website until they post their e-mail address and name. Usually this squeeze page also offers them a free e-book, or an online newsletter that will be e-mailed to them each week. Unfortunately, the free e-book is nothing more than a super long sales letter of 15 pages, and the e-mail newsletter or e-zine is nothing more than hard sell tactics.

Why is it that so many people getting into the e-commerce field are using such aggressive tactics? Why is everyone trying to turn off all their very best customers, and why are so many Internet entrepreneurs dummy down and trying to sell to the suckers of the world?

Some of the websites are getting quite sleazy, and many of the operators appear to be quite questionable. Apparently, everyone thinks you can get online and make tons of money selling trinkets to people throughout the globe.

The reality is that while there are some stupid Internet buyers, this is entirely the wrong way to play it. Rather than going with “a sucker is born every minute” motif, they would be much smarter to only sell high-quality products, or competent consulting services to serious buyers.

It seems Ecommerce is slipping down to the lowest common denominator, and perhaps the industry needs a little regulation, although I am strongly against government interference. It would be nice if Internet sellers would not use such aggressive tactics because it hurts all the decent and honest practitioners out there. Please consider all this.

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