After World War I the League of Nations had a lot going for it and after World War II the United Nations certainly was a good idea. However, now we are in the present period and things have changed drastically. The United Nations serves many purposes, as it is a place for nation’s leaders to speak freely of their grievances and speak out about differences with other nations over trade, water rights and political impasses leading towards war.

The United Nations has prevented many wars, more than we can count, but they have also fallen down in many areas and perhaps this is because the way in which countries interact now is different from its first charter. The United Nations has evolved as things have changed, however in the present period we need a more effective mechanism for international cooperation. As nations jockey into position for their own best interests and trade deals, we often see animosity amongst many other nations who feel they have not been treated fairly.

Another serious issue, which causes political impasse is in the United Nations Security Council. It seems as though more and more nations are pushing the limits of ethical voting. Currently we have a problem with the nation state, which sponsors international terrorism and we have several Security Council members, which are blocking any actions such as sanctions. It seems as though many nations are selling arms and high-tech weapons to this country, which is sponsoring international terrorism and therefore they do not want the United Nations to take any action.

This sort of politics in a branch of the United Nations which is suppose to act as though they are the justice section of the organization has caused the United Nations to be ineffectual and an ineffective mechanism for international cooperation in preventing future wars. Consider all this in 2006.

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