The United Nations estimates that 700,000 Lebanese will become refugees as they flee the fighting between Hezbolla and Israel. The United Nations says this can become a huge humanitarian crisis.

However, the United Nations and Kofi Annan failed to recognize that the true humanitarian crisis was when Hezbollah took over Lebanon and moved in. Hezbollah is an international terrorist organization, which is now hijacked a country and is preventing peace in the Middle East between Lebanon and Israel.

The United Nations had little to say about that and they had little to say when the Lebanese became infiltrated and their government with Hezbollah leaders. Where will 700,000 Lebanese refugees go to?

That is hard to say, but one might also ask why did these Lebanese allow their country to be hijacked by international terrorist organization without standing up and fighting. It appears they had already lost their country and this is just the final act of there in difference in failure to do something about it.

Israel must protect her people and therefore they must hunt down and destroy each and every single Hezbollah guerrilla and international terrorist and anyone who would pick up a gun and fight alongside them. Israel has no other choice and are therefore must enter Lebanon and clean out south Beirut.

The humanitarian crisis is much greater if you allow Hezbolla to continue to grow and take over more countries and threaten its neighbors preventing peace in the Middle East. Please consider this in 2006.

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