use in the health center for melting contaminated materials as well as chimicals, marginal Capacity 300 per hr. I will be marketing to my client?. Below is the information I was provided as well as definitely nothing else. The healthcare facility burner for usage in the professional as required by worldwide ecological administration. Minimum 300 Kg capacity/hr, Gas released, refractory lined, smokeshaft along with tasting prot. Minimum temperature level of 1100 level Celsiu.the tool for shed 500kg per hr. work concerning shed of the hospitals.Just want to price of you different kinds of Medical .need all info on 300 kg per hr system. availability. practical expenses making use of diesel (numerous other). the waste is Human Cells. And also we have 10 kg each day; we require burner for scientific waste.Burn Capacity: 50kgs per hr (Ordinary capacity according to ). please forward information regarding prices on each of you pet crematory models.Regarding Gas Incinerator, Please note that Fuel for the Incinerator
will be Gas. As gas is contribute our country.

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