MEDIUM-CAPACITY ANIMAL CARCASS HICLOVER Model TS100(PLC) with wet scrubber optional


TS100( PLC)



Treatment( Fowl as well as dead fish


Burn Price

Average 50-100 kg/hour

Control Mode

PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Burner)

Burning Chamber


Inner Dimensions


Second Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber

Yes( Dry Scrubber)

Feed Mode





0.7 Kw

Oil Consumption (kg/hour)

typical 20.4

Gas Usage (m3n/hour)

ordinary 24.5

Temperature Display

Digital Show

Temperature Level Protection


Oil Container


Feed Door

100x80cm( Leading Loading)



Smokeshaft Kind

Stainless Steel

1st. Chamber Temperature

800 ℃–– 1000 ℃

2nd. Chamber Temperature

1000 ℃ -1200 ℃

Residency Time

2.0 Sec.

Gross Weight


Exterior Measurements


This is a product requirements of Fowl and dead fish

Incinerator Device incinerator, perfect for the disposal of pet dog, fowl and also sheep animal carcasses.

This incinerator must be made for the incineration of:

・ Chicken carcasses

・ Larger sized pet animal carcasses

・ Farm store and abattoir waste

・ Dead fish

Burner ought to be compact, fuel very easy and efficient to run, made to accomplish its optimal incineration temperature rapidly.

Gas use options:

LPG or natural gas or diesel oil.

Installing: -floor mounted

8.1 Factory Specs

top-loading burner with a lift-opening lid, offering clear access for simplicity of handbook or mechanical loading. All controls need to be positioned far from the filling location to prevent damage by packing machinery. Melt program must be readily available as well as the incinerator must be left neglected till the carcass lowers to ash.

It must be highly reliable, making use of automated high heat-rate heaters, reduced thermal mass linings as well as timer controls that ensure very little running expenses; a thermostat activates heater shut-off when optimal temperature levels are reached, enhancing gas efficiency dramatically.

Burn price must be up to 50-100kg per hr, 220-240-volt electricity & & gas supply. A comprehensive operating, care & & maintenance guidebook ought to be supplied with each burner.

Chamber Volume 0.97 m3

–– Lots Capability As Much As 400kg

Load Approach Top

Gas Alternatives diesel oil or gas or lpg type

Smell control should be supplied with the incinerator, dry scrubber. Damp scrubber optional.

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