standard type, 11m long ,self supporting



average moisture-15-20% on fist time


height: 2710mm

length: 2840mm

Width; 2450mm

loading door opening: 610mm x 610mm

Grate/Heath Area: 2.0(square meters)

Primary chamber volume: 2.4(cubid  meters)

secondary chamber volume :2,72(cubid meters0

total volume: 5,12(cubid meters)

minimum stack diameter :560mm


  1. 300 kg per day healthcare




Our preferred technology is double-chamber , but if you recommend an alternative technology, that is

acceptable as well.




We request information on the following for each of the above requirements:




  1. Capital cost (delivered cost in Oman)




  1. Operation and maintenance costs (per year)




  1. Number of operators required




  1. Product specifications (sizes, temperatures, residence time, cycle time etc)




  1. Other auxiliary equipment that is required or recommended by you




  1. Any other information and inputs that can facilitate the project and add value



  1. Would this mean that the plant would operate only 12 hours per day? Normally operating the station 24 hours

per day should be able to valorize 12 tons per day for an installation with a capacity of 500 kgs/hr.

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